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However you made it here, I am glad to have you. Follow along as I document my battle against Breast Cancer. Welcome to the Titty Committee fam!

How birthdays are different now

How birthdays are different now

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In the past, my birthday meant a wild night out and a big party.

How weird is it that I’ve aged out of that at only 26?

This year was my first birthday as a survivor and it was a really special day for me. Every birthday from here out means another year of life, laughter and love. I truly treat every year and every birthday as a miracle - because it is!

For my 26th birthday, instead of a big crazy night out, I only had a few requests - hugs from my loved ones, a nice dinner with my family and a memorable day with my best friends. I got all of that!

Oh, and a Milk Bar birthday cake… since I barfed mine up last year… #thankschemo.

Do any of you feel the same way about your birthday as a survivor?

I got my first post-chemo haircut!

I got my first post-chemo haircut!

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