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However you made it here, I am glad to have you. Follow along as I document my battle against Breast Cancer. Welcome to the Titty Committee fam!

Chemo Diaries - Round 2

Chemo Diaries - Round 2

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Two down, four to go?

Round 2 brought out the warrior in me. All the shitty side effects you think of when you think of chemo decided to hit me this round.

Week One
Even with my new, short 'do, my hair was falling out rapidly. A few days after my infusion, I decided to bite the bullet and go forward with the buzz. I wanted to be able to have my hairdresser cut it in the comfort of my own home- not alone in Miami with someone I didn't know. Maybe it was the exhaustion but I really didn't cry. The thing I was most scared of pales in comparison to the rest of this journey. My nausea was better this week but my exhaustion was way worse. It was hard for me to even wake up this week, and forget about being able stay awake throughout the day!

Week Two
Like I've mentioned before, I'm lucky enough to be able to continue working through my treatments. I scheduled an in-person meeting and overnight hotel visit with one of my clients for a week after my infusion date, thinking I'd be feeling fine. WRONG! Goes to show you that chemo has a mind of its own! I'm a fighter though, and made it through without any one being the wiser. I was still super tired throughout this week. The one thing I appreciate about chemo? The chance to revisit the days of preschool with daily naps!

Week Three
I felt back to normal this week. I was able to venture out for another client meeting and met up with some college friends who were in town. The looks I get for ordering coffee or lemonade at a bar when everyone else is drinking is truly priceless.

Week Four
Lots of happy things happened this week! Not only did I finally feel strong and back to normal, I also got to meet up for brunch with my good friend Amy who was in town from New York. She never fails to put a smile on my face and I'm so happy we were able to catch up. I also traveled back to Orlando to prep for round 3. I was super excited because my gorgeous wig from The Look Salon came in and I was able to pick it up. I'm loving it and can't wait to share more details in a future post! I also visited East End Market and shared my story with Pulptown, one of my favorite local outlets. Be sure to give them a follow and keep an eye out for my story. Another exciting moment of this week? During my check-in with my oncologist, he gave me the GREAT news that my tumor has had a complete response to the chemo treatments. After only two rounds!! This is incredibly happy news but, on the downside, means that he might up my total number of rounds to 8. We're still seeing how things progress and playing it by ear, but the tumor's positive reaction makes him want to add more. I'll keep you posted, Titty Committee!


Bring it on round 3!

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