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However you made it here, I am glad to have you. Follow along as I document my battle against Breast Cancer. Welcome to the Titty Committee fam!

Chemo Diaries - Round 3

Chemo Diaries - Round 3

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Halfway there

New challenges, same fight.

Week One
Something very very important to Timmy and I happened the day after my infusion this round. INFINITY WAR CAME OUT IN THEATERS. Literally nothing was going to stop me from seeing this movie on opening day. Peep that cute selfie of me in a mask and Marvel t-shirt for proof. Yep, I went straight from getting fluids to seeing the movie! I'll keep this blog a Marvel spoilers free zone, don't worry. Why the mask though? Well, we found out during my infusion day that my white blood cell counts had dropped pretty low, which means I was super susceptible to infection. The doctors let me get my treatment but made me promise to wear a mask out and come back to get labs drawn the following week. My counts dropped even more after treatment and I had to get a Neulasta shot to boost them.

Week Two
Before heading to University of Florida for my little brother's graduation, I had to go back to the docs to check in on my counts. The Neulasta shot that I had been given wasn't kicking in yet and my white blood cell counts were still super low. We were already taking precautions to keep me safe and healthy for the graduation, but my doctor also ordered me to get a Neupogen shot to boost the counts even quicker. More about graduation weekend in a separate post, but after returning home to Orlando, I had labs drawn again and we found out the shots worked perfectly! I still need to be cautious but my doctors are happy with where my counts are.

Week Three
I was feeling well enough to go back to my apartment in Miami for a few days. I only slept there 2 nights but I was excited to be able to go back for even 48 hours, see my coworkers and go out to a delicious team dinner at KYU in Wynwood. I was also stoked to receive a promotion in my annual review! It's nice to know that my hard work is being recognized, especially through all the tough times I've been going through personally the past several months.

Another bright spot? I won my company's Summer Vacation Award! We do this every year and I honestly never thought I'd win. Across all of our 11 offices, I received the most nominations and (once I'm feeling better) will be taking a vacation courtesy of my company!! I can't wait to use this trip to celebrate the end of chemo and Timmy and I are already having lots of fun thinking of where to go... any ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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Whitty's Titty Committee SWAG

Whitty's Titty Committee SWAG