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Products That Helped Me Cope with Chemo Hair Loss

Products That Helped Me Cope with Chemo Hair Loss


Losing my hair was one of my biggest fears.

Losing your hair is an outwardly, obvious sign that you're "sick". In addition to the unwanted attention, the thought losing my hair made me feel more sadness than the thought of losing my breasts. It may sounds silly, but many women and men who have faced a cancer diagnosis will understand what I mean. It's pretty devastating and usually one of the first things you as a patient, see cancer taking from you.

Now that I am a solid 2 months out from my last chemo treatment, my hair is finally starting to grow back - and it's getting fuller every single day! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite products that helped me cope with the hair loss and that I'm using to help my hair grow back.

Let me know if I'm missing one of your favorites in the comments below!

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Price: $30-45

These are my favorite brand of beanies. I have several of them from my winters in New York City. In addition to being cozy, I love that 50% of the company's profits benefits the fight against pediatric oncology!

My favorite style of beanies to wear throughout chemo were the Pom Beanies. They're super soft and feel comfortable against your bare head. I wore these beanies to nearly all of my chemo infusions because they keep it so damn cold in there!! I still wear these around the house, even though my hair is growing back, because A/C blowing on your fuzzy head gets annoying real fast.


Price: $45

I love this system from Nioxin! Now, though they promote thicker hair, please keep in mind that during chemo this just isn't a logical thing to expect. However, what I did love about shampooing with this system during chemo is the minty-fresh feeling you get. It's like toothpaste for your hair! It's super gentle and feels nice on your scalp. I'll definitely be using Nioxin for the forseeable future!


Price: $10

I started these vitamins about a month after I finished chemo and after I got approval from my oncologist. That's always important, folks😊

Prenatal vitamins are awesome for your hair, nails and skin - all of which I had serious issues with throughout chemo and all of which have improved over the past month! I take two of these gummies every morning. I chose this brand, Vitafusion, in particular because, compared to the other in-store selections, they had the highest level of biotin per serving.

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Price Varies

Never underestimate the power of having a good wig! I talk at length about each one of my wigs, and the programs that can help you get free wigs, in my post here. I also show them off in this IGTV video.

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