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My Mastectomy Must Haves PART TWO

My Mastectomy Must Haves PART TWO

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Because just one list wasn't enough.

I've gotten such positive feedback from my first must haves list - I'm so happy I could help you guys!

I want to view part one as the list of things you'll absolutely want to have on hand before you have your mastectomy surgery. Part two is a list of things that I found extreeemely helpful. I think my recovery would have been much more challenging without these items. I also used a lot of the items on both lists again when I had my exchange surgery.

At the same time, I know that cancer treatment can result in a huge financial strain. So please understand that if you can only swing one set of these suggestions, go with part one. I promise, you will do just fine with those!

As always, feel free to shoot me an email or DM on Instagram if you have any questions💖


Price: $78.00

AnaOno is a fabulous, female-owned brand that was created by a cancer survivor. Though I'm now over a month out from my double mastectomy, I still wear this robe allll the time. The material is seriously like a cloud - SO soft and comfy! I love that the material isn't so heavy that hot flashes are unbearable. Once I was able to shower, I wore this robe all day long. The drain belt it comes with takes a little time and help to get used to using, but I found it really helpful once I got the swing of it.

If the belt isn't your cup of tea though, it's removable - another reason the $80 you'll spend is well worth it! It's super high quality, so I know I'll be using this for years to come.

So far, I only own this robe, but I've heard such great things about the brand on the whole that I can't wait to order more!


Price: $18.99

I have this bra in 2 colors (beige and black) and 2 sizes (small and medium) that's how much I love it.

Once I got the green light to change out of the post-surgical bra from the hospital, I immediately switched to this bra. It's very comfortable, supportive and easy to put on without assistance.

A weird thing I've learned about life post-mastectomy is that I've personally wanted to sleep in a bra every night. This is the bra I wear to bed every night because it's so comfortable and I also wear it just in my every day life!

For my ladies undergoing reconstruction through expanders, this bra is a fantastic option you'll want to have on hand! Throughout the expansion process, your boobs, well, expand, and the YIANNA bra is great for all those rapid changes. That's why I got two sizes! I will say it runs pretty true to size and I've been using the medium mostly.


Price: $48.99
*Bring to hospital!

My parents got me these as a gift before my surgery and they were game changers. I don’t know how I would have been able to ride in the car without the chest pillow. I used it for the entire first month after surgery, every time I rode in the car, and also used it for my car rides home after getting a fill. It fits right in between your chest and your seatbelt and makes it a lot more bearable to not want to die from every little bump in the road.
I also really liked the underarm pillows and found them most helpful for the first few weeks after surgery. I used them while sitting up in bed because, even though it hurt to move my arms a lot, it hurt even more to not use them. Being able to prop them up with these pillows right under my armpits was a huge help. My pillows are in the Minnie Mouse fabric because Minnie is my girl.

body pillow.jpg

Price: About $20

Yep, I'm recommending another pillow. But hear me out!! I've been using two of these pillows--one on either side--for underarm comfort throughout the day.

Also, the pregnancy pillow that I love oh so much, isn't the most practical to travel with. This pillow is a lot easier to bring on my travels and, as a stomach/side sleeper, an absolute essential.

You can get super cute pillowcases for these at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond.


Lap Desks

Price: About $20

I have two different types of lap desks - one like this and one like this. I found these super helpful once I was able to sit up more and wanted to browse on the internet. The lap desk with a squishy bottom was the most comfortable for me to use for the first few weeks since it sat lower and I didn’t have to raise my arms as much. Once I got my drains out, I felt like I had more mobility and preferred to use the wooden lap desk that sits a bit higher.



Price: Varies (I used one that was in our junk drawer!)

Showering with drains in is a huge pain in the ass - but a lanyard makes it better!

We clipped the drains to the lanyard and I wore it around my neck to give me a bit more mobility and to be able to wash more areas.

I’ve also heard of women who prefer to wear their drains this way all the time. I personally preferred to use the Pink Pockets or AnaOno robe, but this would be a good solution as well!

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